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Q – What forms do I need to have and when do I need them by?

A – Birth certificates and or passports + photo I.D, they need to be supplied no less than one month prior ( is ideal). A ‘Notice of Intent’ is also needed to be completed no less than one month prior to your planned date. This form is supplied by your Celebrant.

NB:Foreign documents such as birth certificates and passports must be translated by an authorized translator from NAATI AUST. Please see details in the link HERE

Q –Ive been married previously, what do I need to provide?

A – A divorce decree needs to be produced, you can still complete a ‘Notice of Intent’ whilst you are waiting for this.

Q - I was married in Thailand, is this marriage recognised in Australia?

A – Unfortunately not.

Q – Can I have a surprise wedding?

A – To your guests yes!

Q – How long will my official certificate take to arrive?

A - It depends on the season, if its not busy time ie April, Sep, Oct, then allow 3-4 weeks, otherwise approx.. 6 weeks.

Q – How much does a ceremony cost?

A – Can vary, i.e. Registry office charge is $450. Celebrants range from approx.. $300-$1,000 ( Don t choose on price only, its imperative to meet personally, if you really feel comfortable with the fit, most Celebrants will accommodate to help fit in with your budget.)

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Some tips and tricks along with some worthy recommendations of business partners that I have had the pleasure of referring or been referred by.

These will always be updated as I meet and work with different and new contacts along the journey.

Whilst the contacts are provided to you in good faith, I am unable to guarantee their content, and would appreciate feedback.

Beach Ceremonies are very popular, a couple of points to be considered:-

  • Timing is of the essence for the best photos; conditions need to be perfect IE wind can really spoil it all, not just from the comfort aspect, it also makes it extremely difficult for guests to hear. 
  • Prime time is sunrise and sunset.
  • As of July 2013, the Gold Coast City Council enforced a levy on Beach and Park usage for Marriage Ceremonies. It is now mandatory to pay a fee to use either locations.
  • PLEASE always have a wet weather option at the ready!
  • View my Downloads page to see the online application for weddings in the Gold Coast Parklands or beaches.

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